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I'm Hongwei Fan, a research engineer at Sensetime Group Limited. I got my bachelor degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT), and now I'm also pursuing for my master degree under the advision of Prof. Cewu Lu(site) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) and Prof. Weihong Deng(site) from BUPT. My primary research interest is Differentiable Rendering & 2D-3D Scene Understanding. Besides my research, I'm also enthusiastic in literature and arts, especially musicals and comedies.

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Career Experience

Educational Background

  • 2015.9~2019.6: Bachelor degree of the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT).
  • 2019.9~2022.6 (expected): Master student of the Lab of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, BUPT. (Under the instruction of Prof. Weihong Deng, site)
  • 2020.7~2022.6 (expected): Research Assistant, Machine Vision and Intelligence Group, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. (Under the instruction of Prof. Cewu Lu, site)

Researches & Projects

  • HAKE-Activity2Vec (stable version, developer version) - I'm the major contributor of Activity2Vec, a general human activity feature extractor. The project has received 170+ stars.
    • Activity2Vec works like a ImageNet/COCO pre-trained backbone, which aims at extracting the multi-modal activity representation for general downstream tasks like VQA, captioning, cluster, etc.
    • This work contributes a major part of HAKE(Human Activity Knowledge Engine) project directed by MVIG Lab.
  • Discovering Interacted Objects (ECCV2022 under review)
    • Discovering Interacted Objects(DIO) is a new Video HOI benchmark based on AVA, including 51 interactions and 1,000+ objects.
    • Compared to the previous whole body-object interaction video benchmarks with limited object classes, we hope our contribution will benefit the large-scale Video HOI learning.

Research Interests

  • Differentiable Rendering
  • 2D-3D Scene Understanding
  • Human-object Interaction




  • PyTorch & MXNet - from 2018 to now.
  • PyQt & Beautiful Soup - In 2017, I developed a software to analyze the prices of takeout in Beijing, using Beautiful Soup for crawler and PyQt for UI interface.
  • Flask - In 2018, I led the construction of a cloud system to analyze, verificate and modify the face data of user.
  • WordPress & LAMP - This website is built upon WordPress and LAMP, where LAMP = Linux + Apache + MongoDB + PHP.
  • Mathematica - I am also an enthusiast of Mathematica, and familiar with many kinds of applications, including Mathematical Modeling, Figure Plotting, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning.


  • Arduino - In 2015, I developed a doorbell system upon intelligent open-source hardware Microduino
  • VHDL/Verilog - In 2018, I developed a game system which was referred by many of my schoolmates with music Todokanai Koi(the theme song of White Album 2) on Altera CPLD device.
  • Raspberry Pi/Banana Pi - Recently I'm working on the application of Computer Vision and Network technologies on Banana Pi, which is an extended implementation of Raspberry Pi.


  • "Star of Tomorrow" English Competition of BUPT, Special Prize, 2016.5
  • BUPT Students Mathematics Competition, Third Prize, 2016.4
  • Chinese College Students Mathematics Competition, Third Prize, 2016.10
  • "Competition World" Scholarship of BUPT, 2016.10
  • Merit Student Award of BUPT, 2016.10
  • Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize(in Beijing), 2017.9
  • Second Scholarship of BUPT, 2017.10
  • National Scholarship of China, 2018.10
  • Merit Student Award of BUPT, 2018.10
  • Be nominated for the Best Student Award of the School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT, 2018.11
  • “What's past is prologue”

Other Interests

Literature & Arts

  • Actor, screenwriter and director. I have participated in the creation of many dramas since high school. My masterpiece is Darabonba, which is my first script and also the first musical of BUPT Yanfeng ACG Club. The details of these dramas are listed here.
TimeNameTypeMy Role
2014A Talk of Fried NoodlesTwo-man comic showLead
2015FilmingShort sketchLead
2016Rio 2DubbingDirector
2016Five Heroes of Langya MountainDramaSupporting role
2018Darabonba(Memorial Album)MusicalScreenwriter, supporting role
2018Love Story in the WinterMusicalDirector, screenwriter
2019Love Story in a SuddenMusicalConsultant
  • Writter, active in Zhihu(my site on Zhihu). I'm interested in the discussion about BUPT and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Singer, keen on the love songs in 1990s and 2000s, especially the songs of Eason Chan and Jacky Cheung. Participant of the Campus Singer Competition of BUPT.


  • Age of Empires 2(AOE2) - I often use the Huns as my civilization because their cavalries are imposing.
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms (9/11) - My favorite scenarios are 190(Eighteen Lords) and 194(Separatism). I'm more familiar with San9 due to its randomness.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2013(PES2013) - I used FC Barcelona in the early years, and now I usually choose the teams randomly for fun.
  • osu!mania(my site on osu!) - 1500pp in 4k mode. The level of the most difficult song I've played is 3.6(Miiro - AKINO from bless4).
  • Sound Voltex - Level 11 and may be higher in the future due to the training of osu!mania.
  • Majsoul(A Japanese Mahjong Game, 雀魂 in Chinese) - Level 3-3(雀杰3 in Chinese), my id: johntheuser.
  • White Album 2 - A crazy fan of Touma Kazusa and Sugiura Koharu. It is also the inspiration of Love Story in the Winter.
  • CLANNAD - I love the Dango Family and Furukawa Nagisa!


  • Biking - improving endurance
  • Running - relax beyond my research
  • Climbing Mountain - challenging myself

Reading List

  • Computer systems: A Programmer's Perspective
  • The mythical man-month
  • A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century
  • Das Kapital
  • Steve Jobs
  • On Top of Tides

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