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I'm Hongwei Fan from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT), and this is my personal website. Currently I'm pursuing for my master degree under the advision of Prof. Weihong Deng(whdeng.cn). Besides my research, I'm also enthusiastic in literature and arts, and some of my works have been widely spread in BUPT and even to a broader region.

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You can use the following Linux shell code to generate my E-mail address.

myname="hwnorm"; echo "$myname at outlook dot com"

Educational Background

  • 2015.9~2019.6: Bachelor degree of the School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT.
  • 2019.9~Now: Master candidate of the Lab of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, BUPT. (Under the instruction of Prof. Weihong Deng, whdeng.cn)
  • 2020.7~Now: Research Assistant, Machine Vision and Intelligence Group, SJTU. (Under the instruction of Prof. Cewu Lu, mvig.sjtu.edu.cn)

Research Interests

  • Human-object Interaction
  • Visual Action Analysis



Python & Linux

  • Machine Learning
    • OpenCV & sklearn - from 2017 to now.
    • Gabor Filter & SVM - reproduced the research result of our team on cross-age face recognition(whdeng.cn/CALFW/index.html).
  • Deep Learning
    • PyTorch and MXNet - from 2018 to now.
    • Insightface - hacked the source code of Insightface(github.com/deepinsight/insightface) to develop a fundamental benchmark tool for our team.
    • Racial Faces in the Wild - A unsigned co-worker of the research project of cross-racial recognition of our team(whdeng.cn/RFW/index.html). This work has been accepted by ICCV 2019.
    • Pose Graph Embedding - Research of the pose embedding and graph network in human-object interaction. ECCV 2020 under review(first author).
  • PyQt & Beautiful Soup - developed a software to analyze the prices of takeout in Beijing, using Beautiful Soup for crawler and PyQt for UI interface. (In 2017)
  • Flask - led the construction of a cloud system to analyze, verificate and modify the face data of user with some graduate students in our team. (In 2018)
  • The builder of this website.


  • Enthusiast, familiar with many kinds of applications, including Mathematical Modeling, Figure Plotting, Data Analysis, even Machine Learning.
  • Experience for more than 2 years, including CUMCM 2016 A, 2017 B, and MCM 2018 A. I also used Mathematica to solve the after-class exercise of Digital Signal Processing.


  • Arduino: intelligent open-source hardware Microduino.(In 2015)
  • VHDL/Verilog: a game system with music Todokanai Koi on Altera FPGA device. (Referred by many of my schoolmates, in 2018)
  • Assembly Language of x86: be able to handle the bottom-level debug system of Windows System.
  • Raspberry PI/Banana PI: amateur. Now developing a project on Banana PI to transform the WLAN connection to LAN network.


  • "Star of Tomorrow" English Competition of BUPT, Special Prize, 2016.5
  • BUPT Students Mathematics Competition, Third Prize, 2016.4
  • Chinese College Students Mathematics Competition, Third Prize, 2016.10
  • "Competition World" Scholarship of BUPT, 2016.10
  • Merit Student Award of BUPT, 2016.10
  • Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Second Prize(in Beijing), 2017.9
  • Second Scholarship of BUPT, 2017.10
  • National Scholarship of China, 2018.10
  • Merit Student Award of BUPT, 2018.10
  • Be nominated for the Best Student Award of the School of Information and Communication Engineering, BUPT, 2018.11
  • “What's past is prologue”

Other Interests

Literature & Arts

  • Writter, active in Zhihu, build this website for further blogging and sharing. My homesite in Zhihu: zhihu.com/people/fan-hong-wei-4/activities
  • Actor(since high school, comedy more often), screenwriter and director in Yanfeng ACG Club of BUPT. My masterpiece: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/zFAgr6gryaaJ05VPJmHl6A
  • Singer, keen on love songs in 1990s and 2000s, especially the songs of Eason Chan and Jacky Cheung. Participant of the Campus Singer Competition of BUPT-SICE.


  • Age of Empires 2 - 11 years experience, expert in the Huns.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer - 10 years experience, FC Barcelona more often.
  • osu!mania - 1500pp in 4k mode. My homesite in osu!mania: osu.ppy.sh/users/12355047
  • Majsoul(A Japanese Mahjong Game in China, 雀魂 in Chinese) - Level 4(雀豪), expert in defense.
  • White Album 2 - A crazy fan of Touma Kazusa and Sugiura Koharu.


  • Biking - with strong endurance
  • Running - nearly everyday


To Do

  • A long-term project of blogging in this website
  • First AMV(Anime Music Video) in my life
  • Japanese(N1/N2 Level)
  • Raspberry PI for embedded Computer Vision

To Read

  • Computer systems: A Programmer's Perspective
  • Das Kapital
  • Steve Jobs

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